Ski Resort

There is a long list of places to ski in Chile. The best equipped in the Central Zone are: Portillo, La Parva, El Colorado / Farellones, Valle Nevado. All of these Ski Centers (or Ski Resorts) maintain their courts, offer ski lessons and equipment rentals. Portillo, Valle Nevado and El Colorado and La Parva have machines that generate artificial snow.

With over 4 thousand kilometers of mountain range, our country is internationally recognized as one of the best destinations in the world and the best in South America for the practice of this sport.


This recognition is mainly due to the excellent quality of the tracks, the first level infrastructure, the beauty of the landscape and the complementary activities, such as good access and proximity to urban centers.

The main ski centers are located in the central zone and are characterized by being located in the middle of the Andes Mountains, at heights ranging from 2,400 meters above sea level, to 3000 m above sea level. They are the centers with the largest skiable area and associated infrastructure.

Those of the South Zone are characterized by being located at lower altitudes and most are located on the slopes of volcanoes. In some, the tracks run through forests of native flora, and have wonderful panoramic views.